"I see a generation rising up to take their place ..." 

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For Parents, Grandparents.

Students of all ages,

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to Call Forth This Generation  





The second edition of this 31-day devotional on prominent people in the Bible includes a devotion, a prayer and a declaration for use in joining the Spirit of God in calling forth His sons and daughters into their God-ordained destinies. Use it to pray and declare His Word over yourself, your family as well as the young people you have been called to mentor.


Be encouraged. As we are faithful to lean into God with prayers and declarations, we will "see a generation rising up to take their place" for His purposes and solely for His glory! 


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Prayers to Call Forth This Generation, a companion to the devotional, includes all 30 prayers as well as two prints of prophetic art. It is the perfect size for carrying in your purse, briefcase or backpack so that you can pray for this generation during your lunch break or other available snipits of time. The companion booklet is only available direct from Linda using the Contact Page or by e-mailing her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


For those of you who purchased the first edition of Calling Forth This Generation (without the Declarations), the Declarations are provided below.


May the Lord bless you as you partner with Heaven in Calling Forth This Generation! 


31 Declarations

1. I declare I am a child of promise. I was planned by God before the foundation of the world. His plans for me are good as well as amazing.

2. I declare I have a new identity in Christ Jesus. God is my Father, and I am His child. I am loved and accepted by Him and called to partner with Him in bringing His Kingdom to earth.

3. I declare, like Joseph, I am a fruitful vine, a fruitful vine near a spring whose branches climb over a wall undaunted by obstacles.

4. I declare I practice forgiveness so no bitterness can take root in me. I further declare I am called to bring deliverance to those held in any form of bondage.

5. I declare I will mentor those younger than myself, intentionally calling forth the gold God has placed in them.

6. I declare I am strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. No weapon formed against me will prosper and none of God’s purposes for me will be thwarted.

7. I declare I am called to abide in God’s Presence, hearing His voice, receiving instruction, insight and revelation.

8. I declare I am called to bless, encourage, strengthen, empower and release this generation to do the works of Jesus.

9. I declare I am created to worship the Lord God Almighty, and by doing so, I delight the heart of the Father.

10. I declare I am called to offer intercession, thanksgiving, praise, dance and worship, and doing so defeats enemy giants

in the spiritual realm.

11. I declare God’s plan for me is life – life filled with peace, welfare, soundness, wholeness, prosperity and health.

12. I declare I have a hunger and thirst for God’s Presence that can be satisfied only temporarily, causing me to continually press in for the more of God.

13. I declare I am a servant evangelist called to display the compassion of Christ Jesus to each one at all times.

14. I declare I hunger for God’s Word, His Kingdom and His righteousness, and I am quick to obey His voice.

15. I declare I am called by God to speak words of strength, comfort and encouragement to the body of Christ.

16. I declare I have been redeemed from the curse of the law. I am more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus. God’s will for me is health and wholeness.

17. I declare I am strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. I will bow down to none other than the true and living God. I trust God to give me the power and courage to say, “NO!” to sinful peer pressure, as well as discernment to see through the empty and foolish values, ideas and behaviors of the world that are in rebellion against Him. I will forgive and pray for those who persecute me for my faith.

18. I declare God has planted in me wisdom, understanding and favor to shift the atmosphere wherever I go.

19. I declare, “by Jesus’ stripes I am healed,” and He has anointed me to declare His goodness by my words as well as my works.

20. I declare God has called me to stop for the one He places in front of me so each of His treasures are found.

21. I declare God is good all the time, and He has called me to partner with Him in bringing heaven to earth, destroying the works of the devil.

22. I declare my life is poured out as a thank offering to the Lord. He causes me to stand firm like a flourishing tree, with roots going deep, bearing fruit in every season of my life.

23. I declare I am part of a generation who come to the Lord in faith and humility, worshipping with transparency and authenticity, bringing the Presence of God.

24. I declare the Peace of Heaven surrounds and overtakes me. Because of His Presence, I am not intimidated by the enemy; rather, His peace is released wherever I go or in whatever circumstance I face.

25. I declare my children (and spiritual children) are blessed and taught of the Lord.

26. I declare I am God’s treasure, highly favored, the apple of His eye, and I am stepping into the destiny He has planned especially for me.

27. I declare out of intimacy with the Father flow songs in the night, and new songs of worship and praise to my Lord, my King, my Beloved.

28. I declare my spirit joins with Jesus and the Holy Spirit to intercede with power and expectation, keeping my focus on Him who is faithful.

29. I declare as I draw near to the Lord, He draws near to me. I further declare I take full advantage of every day and spend my life for God’s purposes. My heart is wholly His.

30. I declare I have eyes to see those the Lord intends for me to mentor so the treasure within them comes forth as pure gold. I further declare I delight to see my ceiling become their floor and to release them at the appointed time to the glory of God, the Father.

31. I declare I am called to be the bride of Christ. I have opened wide my heart to receive His love and to embrace the journey of letting go and getting lost in Him and His Presence. I am becoming His laid down lover, adorned and prepared for His soon return. He is my Beloved, and I am His.


© 2015 by Linda Racine