When making disciples as Jesus commanded (Matthew 28:19-20), the church should be viewed as a place where we get equipped to do the Lord's work. It is a place where we can learn the basics of following Jesus in a safe environment. It is a place where we can practice how to worship, how to study God's Word, how to share our faith and how to pray for the sick as well as other needs in an environment of encouragement. It is a place to get TRAINED so we can be deployed in the world to do the works of Jesus.

   As teachers, we have been entrusted with the responsibility to see that our students are TRAINED. As I was meditating on the word "trained," the following came to mind.


          T each. We must teach the Word of  God and how to  apply it to our lives. There should be one main truth that is emphasised over and over in the lesson. Always be aware that in addition to the lesson you teach, you are teaching by example.


          R esources. Give your class resources to help them in their Christian walk. The Hands-on Bible andJesus Calling for Kids (or Teens) are great resources. There are  also on-line Bible studies for kids through Child Evangelism Fellowship.


          A ctivate. Provide your class whatever they will need to put the lesson into action. When possible, give them opportunity to "practice" in class.


          I nspire. Make your lessons life-giving by sharing testimonies from your own life or from what you have read or heard about that you know to be true.


         N urture. Teach lessons that will further spiritual development. Since your children are probably at different places in their walk with the Lord, try to have something  for each one. And above all, LOVE THEM UNCONDITIONALLY.

         E mpower. Assure them they are not alone (Hebrews 13:5). The Holy Spirit lives in them giving them power to do what they are being challenged to do (Philippians 4:13; 1 Thessalonians 5:24; Acts 1:8).


         D irect. Assure them their steps are ordered by the Lord. He will lead and direct them (Psalm 37:23; Proverbs 3:6).


   Remember, if you do your part (TRAIN), God will do His part!


   Be blessed!