You Are Unique and Important    If you look around your house, you will probably find many items that are useful for measuring. I have a tape measure like the one pictured here that I use when sewing. However, I wouldn’t use it for underlining my Bible. I have a 6” ruler I use for that purpose. When scrap-booking, it’s my 12” ruler that gets a lot of use.

   However, in my kitchen, I have other measuring items that I use when cooking and/or baking. I don’t expect to use a measuring tape when I am baking, and I don’t expect the measuring cups to be useful to me when I am sewing. You get the picture. Each one is unique, and each one is useful for its designed purpose.


   The same is true of you. God custom designed you. He made you unique. You are special. There is no one else exactly like you. And He custom designed you for a one-of-a-kind assignment. Don’t know what that assignment is? Discover what ignites your heart. What are you passionate about? When you can answer that question, you will have a hint of God’s assignment for you. Whatever it is, it will be amazing!



   “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him.”

1 Corinthians 2:9 NIV


The Power of ALL

   "All" is an inclusive word. No one is left out. It applies to everyone.


   Romans 3:23 tells us that all have sinned. Each of us has disobeyed God -- either through a wrong we have done or a right we did not do. Because of sin, we deserve punishment -- separation from God -- eternal death.


   According to the boxd, All detergent contains a stain lifter. According to 1 John 1:7, the blood of Jesus Christ is the greatest stain lifter for it states when we accept Christ as our Savior, the blood of Jesus Christ, God's Son cleans us from all sin.


   2 Peter 3:9 gives another wonderful promise. God wants all to come to Him in belief and repentance. He doesn't want anyone to be left out!


   Matthew 28:18 tells us that Jesus now has all authority in heaven and earth. He passed that authority on to us when He gave the commission to go and make disciples from all nations (vs. 19-20) and to teach them all things. As we obey, we need to look to God and not the size or impossibility of the challenge, for with God all things are possible (Matthew 19:26).


   Thank God for the power of ALL.



   Frequently when I am looking for ideas for object lessons to use in teaching Bible truths, I go to the local dollar store. Some weeks back, I was on such a shopping adventure. (The Lord makes every such trip an adventure!)


   Imagine my surprise when He led me to a toilet bowl plunger. I picked it up saying, "Really, LORD?" Then the idea came to me: to use a plunger, you have to push. P.U.S.H. -- Pray Until Something Happens. God calls it perseverance. (Ephesians 6:18)


   As I persevere in prayer, I find that something always happens. Frequently the answer comes. Other times I am led to pray in a different way. More often than not, as I persevere, I find that He changes my attitude. As my focus turns to Him, joy fills my heart and my mouth expresses the joy in my heart through praise. An attitude of gratitude releases victory!


   While the answer you are looking for may not come immediately, you can be certain if you P.U.S.H., something good will happen. You can rest in the fact that God is good, and He gives good gifts to His kids.


   REST, RENEWAL and REVIVAL are three of the four keys to being spiritually healthy.


   The fourth R is RESTORATION.


   In Joel 2:25, God promises to restore the years that the locusts have eaten. God is the Giver. Satan is the taker. He is the one who tries to rob, to kill and to destroy.

   Restore includes pay, recompense, reward, repay, restitution, and amends. In other words, God makes Satan pay what he robs from us, and sometimes he has to pay double!

   Recently a friend was a victim of an on-line real estate scam. He lost $1,600. The church prayed. Before the day was over, my friend has received $3,200 from the LORD! That’s restoration!

Here are a few steps I have found helpful in the journey to restoration.


   Step 1: Settle in your heart Satan is the enemy, not God.


   Step 2: Guard your heart; don’t give bitterness a place to root.


   Step 3: Find promises in the Word that pertain to your situation.


   Step 4: Stand on the Word. His Word is Truth. Do not waiver.


   Step 5: Remember the law of reciprocals. Whatever lie the enemy is telling you, you can KNOW the exact opposite is Truth.


   Step 6: Thank God for the victory – now -- out of what you see with the eyes of faith. Praise Him! Praise Him! Praise Him! Sing songs of the Spirit. Restoration is on its way!

R is for REVIVAL


   The first R for a healthy spiritual life is REST: For me, that almost always includes time soaking in His Presence.


   The second R is RENEWAL. Waiting on Him – spending time with Him – builds intimacy as we are renewed by His Spirit.


   The third R is REVIVAL. To revive means to quicken from sickness, discouragement, faintness or death. Revival is all about life. The Psalmist in 119:154 asks for God to revive him according to His Word. As we meditate on the Word and stand on it, we are revived. One of the ways I like to do this is by reading the Word with fresh eyes. Recently I have benefitted greatly from reading the new Passion Translation (where available). I also like to worship Him with songs that have lyrics declaring the truth of God’s Word, His goodness and His faithfulness. He is a good, good Father, and I love to sing about that. He has delivered me so I am no longer a slave to fear; rather, I am a child of God. I love to sing those words, because as I do, I am declaring Truth. The anointed Word brings life to the heart that responds to it in faith.


   Why not take time now to allow Him to revive you through His Word?

R is for RENEWAL


   Our last time together, we talked about REST, the first of four R’s foundational to a healthy spiritual life.


   The second R is RENEWAL: Isaiah 40:31 promises that as we wait on the Lord, our strength will be renewed – we will be changed for the better, we will begin to show newness, we become spiritually healthy.


   Some time back I went to Redding, CA for a two-day personal retreat at Bethel. I spent the first night in the chapel (it’s open 24 hours), and most of the next day as well. I sensed the Lord say, “Want to go for a walk.” He took me outside along the pathway leading to the other side of the chapel. There were three small olive trees. He took me to one that was filled with buds. I heard, “That’s you.” He was telling me I had been renewed.


   I can’t always get away for special times like that, but I made a commitment to give the Lord one day a week – one day free from appointments, shopping and other unnecessary things just to be with Him. He is changing my life as intimacy with Him is being developed, and I hear His voice and follow Him.


  Take time to wait on the Lord so that you, too, will be renewed, so you soar above life’s circumstances like wings of eagles.


R is for REST


   We are all familiar with the three R’s associated with education – Reading, wRiting & aRithmetic. However, back to school is a good time to talk about the four R’s that are foundational to a healthy spiritual life.


   The first R is REST: Just as our physical bodies cannot remain healthy without rest, so it is with our spiritual lives. Jesus got alone with His Father for a time of rest. He took His disciples to get away from the press of the crowds and be alone with Him.


   In Matthew 11:28, He extends that same invitation to you and me. With demanding life schedules, rest can be allusive as minds continue to race with all that needs to be done. Jesus’ antidote is to come to Him for rest.


   I like to come to Him through “soaking.” Think of a dry sponge. It becomes full with whatever it is soaked in. So, as I listen to Christian music (either with words or instrumental), I imagine myself with Jesus. I soak in His Presence and listen for what He might say to me. When I get up some 20 minutes to 2 hours later, I find that I am rested.


   Accept His invitation. Come to Him. He WILL give you rest.